Best Spine Surgeons in Arizona

With the advancements in health technology and education over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the amount of good surgeons available to treat people with various ailments. The spine is one of  the most important structures in the body, literally holding the entire bone structure together. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves attached to the spine and each one is extremely vital to proper bodily function. Spinal surgery is one area that is definitely recommended to have a specialized surgeon. If you require surgery on any part of the spine, there is a high risk of complications and a good surgeon will not suffice. You will want to choose one of the best spine surgeons in Arizona – which you can find on The Surgical Hospital surgeons page.

The Surgical Hospital of Phoenix is the premier orthopedic and spinal surgery facility in Arizona. It is the preferred provider of the Phoenix Coyotes NHL team, which goes to show how trusted and respected they are in the Phoenix community. The facility is completely physician owned, which means the doctors are not at the mercy of any type of politics or dictation. By utilizing this model, the doctors are able to fully control the patient experience which leads to much better patient satisfaction and success rates.

The facility is utilized be many different surgeons, which allows Surgical Hospital patients to choose the one that they feel most comfortable with. Since The Surgical Hospital specializes in spine surgery, the nurses and physical therapy staff are more than qualified to handle your unique situation from diagnosis to recovery. The spine surgeons can help with pain on many different levels including consultations, injections, therapy, outpatient surgery and inpatient surgery. If it is necessary the facility is able to accommodate every step of the surgical process with experienced expert care. This is what really sets The Surgical Hospital apart. The nurses are there to make sure that you are completely prepared and comfortable before, during and after the surgery. The physical therapy staff is there to help ensure the quickest and most effective recovery possible. They want to make sure you are able to recover properly at home if that is an option and if not they will be there to get you back to your fully functioning self. Be sure to consider the best spine surgeons in the valley of the sun at The Surgical Hospital of Phoenix if you ever need an orthopedic spine surgeon.